Morphe 12S Palette: Soul of Summer Review

If you like budget beauty, you’ll love Morphe Brushes.

The affordable brand specialises in brushes and palettes, their eyeshadow palettes being the most popular product in the online beauty world. You’ve almost certainly heard of their 350 palette; the collection of 35 warm-toned neutral shadows is all over Instagram and YouTube. EVERYONE wants that badboy, but no-one can get their hands on because… Uh… Well, because everyone wants it. You know how it is.

I myself have been on a 35O waiting list foreverrrrrrrr, and I am not a patient girl. In fact, it was this chronic lack of patience that led me to consider buying the 12S palette in the first place. Take a look at this…


That right there is the 12S. And here’s the 35O:


[We do not own this image]

Though the 12S doesn’t have any matte shades, the general colour family is super similar to the warm neutrals that make the 35O so popular! Is the 12S a fair replacement for the 35O, or a dupe for the shimmer shades in the 35O? Well, as I don’t actually HAVE the 35O (*shakes fist at the gods*) I can’t do a swatch comparison to compare.

Howwwwwwever, the gold and cranberry shades do give the two palettes very similar moods. So if you, like me, have been thwarted in your 35O desires, consider the 12S a fair consolation prize!

Now, on to the merits (and pitfalls) of the 12S in its own right.

Morphe’s range of 12- palettes, as the name suggests, feature just 12 shadows. The 12S is also known as the Soul of Summer palette, and it’s my first foray into the range.

The fact that it only contains 12 shades has its benefits: for one, the palette is much smaller and more compact than the large 35-shadow palettes that Morphe has become known for. These are palettes that can be slipped into a handbag on the go.

Also, the pans are bigger than those in the 35 palettes. And they’re square, which pleases me for… no concrete reason whatsoever. It seems I just like squares! Let’s roll with it.

While a Morphe 35 palette cost around £20, the 12S palette is only £11.95. Considering how much product it contains, I think that’s a fair deal.

Now, one issue I have with this palette is that it’s entirely shimmer. While one can create an eye look with only shimmer shades (which I did the first time I used it) that’s not exactly ideal for daily use–so the palette isn’t one that completely stands alone. You’ll likely need a few matte shades on deck to make this palette work for you. 

However, like all Morphe eyeshadow palettes the texture and pigmentation of the product is absolutely amazing for the price! If you have darker skin, you can rest assured that Morphe eyeshadows won’t just fade into the background of your complexion–although I always recommend using an eyeshadow base for maximum impact.

The shades in this palette are beautifully reflective and swatch very prettily:

(Swatched in rows, top-to-bottom, left-to-right)

My favourites are on the bottom row; especially the sweet peach tone and sparkling cranberry shades. I also loves the bronze & gold shadows! A surprise favourite was the cool, deep silver shade. I actually have a firm hatred for silver eyeshadow on myself, but the blue-tone of this particular one gives it an amazing sic-fi look that I am 100% here for. 

So, how do the Morphe 12 palettes compare to my current affordable fave, the Sleek i-Divine palettes?

Honestly… I prefer Morphe! While Sleek is technically cheaper at around £8.99 for 12 shades, I feel like

1. Morphe provides more product overall and

2. The Morphe 12 palettes are more… useable.

Looking through the range, it seems that the Morphe palettes are full to the brim with shades that will actually be used, rather than having a few that will languish untouched forever. On the other hand, I find with Sleek palettes that a handful of shades per palette just don’t see any use from me. The Morphe palettes are much more cohesive!

Overall, I’m reeeeally happy with the 12S palette. Like, really. Y’did good, Morphe.

Check out a couple of looks I did with this palette!


And head over to my Instagram for more makeup looks–or find me on Twitter to talk some more about makeup. Or hair. Or Queen Bey. My interests are wide and varied, you see. I’m @naturallytiss everywhere!

Until next time, adorable beans

Tiss x


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