Tiaz Boutique: Black-Owned Lingerie

As you probably realised, thanks to the constant memes, increase in Twitter nonsense from demons–ahem, I mean men, and desperate restaurant advertising, it’s almost Valentine’s Day!

And on Valentine’s Day, the rule is that SOMEONE needs to pamper you—whether that’s a bae, or just you engaging in a little self-care. You might drop links in someone’s  inbox, or spluge on glamorous lingerie for no-one’s benefit but your own; it’s all love.

Now, I’m sure you guys have all seen my first foray into lingerie reviews, when a popular black-owned knicker business (as my nan calls them) didn’t quite hit the mark…

To say the least. 

Well, while I was kinda scarred by that experience, I am nothing if not brave. So when another (black-owned!) lingerie business contacted me about reviewing their products, I was like… Bring. It. On. And by ‘it’ I don’t just mean free lingerie. But also, yes I do, a little bit. I kinda love lingerie.


The business in question is Tiaz Boutique, whose site you can find here.


Like many lingerie businesses, Tiaz Boutique order their stock from multiple sources. Don’t be afraid: those sources are reputable, with high-quality production methods that meet the requirements of EU law. My items came individually wrapped and labelled, with an invoice. They have care labels in them, and are generally safe above board. 

Aaaand isn’t it wild that we have to clarify these things? The Internet is a cold world; you’d be surprised how often these basic necessities aren’t fulfilled. But anywho…

According to the site, processing takes up to three working days. That was certainly true for me; in fact, my adorable baby-pink package was processed within a single day. It also arrived within the 3-5 days promised for UK delivery, which costs £5, by the way.


You may take my delivery experience with a pinch of salt, seeing as the items were sent for PR; but that’s what happened! Don’t you just love speedy delivery?

Oh, and our friends around the world can get in on the fun too.

Now for the products themselves. Let’s get down to business, shall we?

I received the Hold Me Tight Dress in black and the Secret Passage Bodysuit, also in black.

Before I discuss these products specifically, I wanna lay out some relevant information about sizing.

First of all, Tiaz Boutique sells both ‘straight’ size (6-14) and plus or Queen size (16-24) lingerie. But as we all know, carrying plus sizes doesn’t always mean what it should mean.

Like, sometimes there are 348574 bomb items, and 2 of them come in sizes 16-24, and and those two items are actually the least bomb and kinda look like they’re cut for… like, kangaroos. Or something. Not humans, anyway.

So despite not being plus sized (anymore) I investigated as best as I could to see if Tiaz Boutique really offers plus sizes.

I found 17 plus size items on the site, going up to either a size 22 or 24. The majority of the items were bodysuits or babydolls, and there were also gowns and bustiers.

Rather than being entirely different from (and worse than) the site’s smaller-sized offerings, the items were of the same style and sexiness.

In fact, the Hold Me Tight Dress I received is available up to a size 22, so if you like the look of it, check it out.


In short, this is a review that plus sized beans can enjoy too. FUN FOR ALL THE FAMILY.

Aaaand now we can move on to the joys of my particular body.

I am 5’11, unusually broad-shouldered, and my clothes can be anywhere from a size 10 to a size 16. Don’t ask me how that works, because I don’t know.

I don’t wear bras because I’m lazy and wotless, but last I checked I was a 32FF.

The items on Tiaz Boutique’s site come in ‘One Size’, ‘One Size Plus’, or S, M, L, etc., or S-M, M-L, etc. Does that make sense at all? Maybe? What I’m saying here is, ain’t no bra sizes bih.

So I had two concerns:

  1. Would these items fit my Stretch Armstrong ass body??
  2. Would my chesty bits fit okay??

Your concerns may or may not reflect mine. Either, way, I like to think I’ve covered a host of Body Things in this review. But I guess we’ll see huh?

Now, let’s begin.

The Secret Passage Bodysuit is so named because it has three little buttons that snap shut—or pop open—at the, erm, crotch area. I could not possibly guess as to the purpose of this detail, because I am a child of God and a bride of Christ. But it makes for very convenient removal.

The bodysuit is made of a fishnet-style mesh, which is sweetened up by delicate detailing such as floral lace trimming and a cute lil silk bow. It’s not as weird as it sounds. Actually, it’s the kinda sharp and flirty combo that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day.


This is 100% my favourite item of lingerie, not just out of the two I received, but in my collection as a whole.

The deep V neckline suits my broad, athletic shape very well; it’s also fabulous for those who like to show off their cleavage to its best advantage.

The bodysuit is beautifully cut to flatter the figure and create curves. I mean, I have none, and yet this lingerie blessed me with something resembling A Body. It is well and truly lit. 

I was also impressed by the integrity of the fabric and design. I’m a clumsy girl with very long, sharp nails—not the best combination, but here I am. TAKE ME OR LEAVE ME! Ahem.

The point here is: fishnet, lace, and I are not the most harmonious combination. But despite trying on and adjusting this item numerous times, I have yet to tear it to pieces like Wolverine. 10 out of 10.

Check them straps, brah. Check that seam action. I dig it.



Similarly, the three poppers that protect the erm, secret passage, are very secure. Having worn many bodysuits and leotards in my time, I know how vital button integrity is. No dancer wants their bits and bobs popping out in the middle of a windmill (if you know, you know). 

I struggle with poppers, because my height (5’11, in case you forgot) and my backside usually conspire against me to prevent cute bodysuits from staying shut. Unsurprisingly, it was indeed a struggle to button myself into this—but once she was on, she was well and truly on. No premature popping occurred. Rest easy, my friends. You may windmill in peace.

And, it costs £25—which, as lingerie fiends will know, is a great price for a good-quality, cute and interesting garment.

So the first item was, to put it simply, a hit.

The second thing I received was the Hold Me Tight Dress, which actually comes with two parts: the dress itself, and a matching thong. All that fabric for so little cost! Bargain, to be honest. The grandma in me is in heaven.

This item is unapologetic in its raunchiness: the fabric is a kind of sheer, stretch leopard print (in black, remember—no need to run screaming) and it has a peekaboo cleavage situation that trumps any basic bra.


Howwwwwever, it was less a dress on me and more a t-shirt. Not even a long t-shirt. Just, you know, a whack on some jeans and call it a day t-shirt. Ah, the life of a lanky ho.

Realistically, I did not expect the ‘dress’ to get remotely near my thighs the way it does on the model. You see, over the years I have learned the hard way that, despite models ALLEGEDLY being tall, their clothes do not fit them the way my clothes fit me. C’est la vie. 

I did manage to pull the dress down to cover half my bum, and I was happy to find that doing so didn’t cause it to rip or even strain. Again, 10 out of 10 for construction. It did squash my bum though.

Of course, the fact that it was made for a person of average height (I know; I thought I was average too, but statistics tell me otherwise) doesn’t really matter. It’s lingerie. Plus, the thong. Yeah! Remember that?

As thongs go, it was a very decent offering. It’s made of comfortable fabric, thick enough to prevent sitting down becoming a wince-worthy activity. It matches the dress, and was much appreciated by moi, all things considered.

I also love the adjustable straps at the back of this item. Those with less booby than myself need not worry over the complicated cleavage design of the Hold Me Tight Dress. Just adjust the straps at the back to tighten things up, and you’ll be comfortable and neatly strapped in. Or, if you wanna make a joke of it, HELD TIGHT. GEDDIT? YEAH? Honestly, I belong on the stage.

These are the straps I’m talking about, if you were wondering.

Now at first, I liked the Hold Me Tight Dress far less than the Secret Passage Bodysuit—despite the fact that they’re equals in terms of quality. I felt that it didn’t suit me at all, mainly because of the length issue.

Howwwwever, once I let go of the pesky ‘dress’ aspect and wore it as a cute lil t-shirt, I was livingggg.

But this mainly highlights the issue with ‘one size fits all’: when you’re anything other than ‘average’, that just ain’t gonna work. Not all of the lingerie Tiaz Boutique offers fits this system, though; plenty of their garments come in more specific sizing. Either way, it’s definitely something to bear in mind.

So, what’s the verdict? Let’s go section by section.

Tiaz Boutique is professional, trustworthy and safe. It’s also black-owned, so uh.. be the change you wanna see in the world, you know? Their site is easy to use and their policies are clear and fair, with efficient processing and delivery for folks all around the world.

The lingerie Tiaz Boutique offers is beautiful, with a wide range of styles for multiple sizes. While I received two black items, I adore their entire selection, which includes bold colours and cute finishes. And they have a Valentine’s Day collection too!

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 20.42.34.png

I was extremely happy with the quality of the lingerie I was sent. I often hear ominous tearing sounds while trying to get garments over my shoulders, or yanking down hemlines to cover my whatnot. Happily, this didn’t happen at all with Tiaz Boutique’s offerings. 

The materials were comfortable and high-quality; my sensitive skin is sometimes irritated by lacey material, but neither of the items started me off. Which is good, because rashes generally aren’t romantic.

So, what about the downsides? Because you guys know I always have some!

One thing that stuck out to me is the utter lack of diverse models on the site. Many black-owned brands gain fame with afro-centric branding, and I am a shameless fan of this approach because… I just wanna see some dark skin and textured hair. I need it!! Don’t take this from me!

However, not all brands are able to do that from the get-go; hiring your own models and producing your own images is expensive. And we all know that the default model usually comes in NC25 or lower. Fighting the status quo would likely cost this brand more than it can afford right now, and would require a higher price-point for the products. It’s something I’m able to overlook, personally, but I wanted to address it.

Another issue: the aforementioned one-size-fits-all tyranny. I have a feeling that it’s only People Like Me—the ones dressmakers refer to as ‘difficult’—who have a problem with this. And in all fairness, one item fit me well regardless, and both managed to handle my unusual chest proportions. If sizing is something you’re particular about, I wouldn’t worry too much: Tiaz Boutique does have multiple sizing systems and a size guide to help you out.

I think the most important question here is: will I be purchasing further lingerie from this brand?

Yes, yes I will.

If you’re interested in hearing more, I may even post a follow-up review!

But for now, just know that I do indeed recommend Tiaz Boutique’s lingerie for anyone who’s looking to lounge around in luxury this Valentine’s day and beyond.

Trustworthy, well-made, comfortable and affordable are not often synonymous with ‘sexy’, but what can I say? Tiaz Boutique bridges that gap.

If you want to grab your lingerie in time for Valentine’s Day, head over to their site now. They actually have a discount code up for 30% off! Happy shopping, and happy V Day.

Lots of love,


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