How I Revive My Winter Skin

Heeeeey lil beans

It’s winter, it’s cold, life sucks, etcetera. 

Living in rainy old England when you have been blessed with melanin is a STRUGGLE. You think I’m exaggerating, but I am prescribed vitamin D tablets by my doctor because THE SUN DOES NOT TOUCH THIS COUNTRY. So. Clearly, it’s a problem.

In the summer, we be tannin’ and whatnot. You have to moisturise every day because you know your legs are gonna be out. You flourish from all the sweet, sweet vitamin D you are being exposed to. Basically, you glow just as the gods intended.

But as soon as winter arrives, everything gets dark and awful and blah. This is science. In response to the blah-ness, I wear only onesies and bed socks, because that’s just what you do! I don’t make the rules.

So it’s totally normal to look down at yourself one dreary day in December and realise that your body has become a sea of ash. Don’t lie. It happens to us all.

Happily, there are ways to combat the dry, winter air. Or your winter laziness. Or whatever combination of those things has you looking crusty.

When your skin is crying out for some pampering, what you really need is an oil. Remember when everyone was obsessed with coconut oil?


Hahahahaa, bless our hearts. Those were the days.

Anyway, we have developed past our adolescent oil stage now. We all know that there are actually tons of OTHER oils out there that also rock. And that those oils can be combined for amazing results!

I first discovered this when I tried out MourMourCreme’s hair products, like… a year ago? I used their stuff to get my hair out of the awkward length stage. Their products helped my hair grow like a weed. I even made a video about it.

Awww, vintage Tiss.

So when they contacted me in September about their new products, I was suuuper excited to try them out. And now I have! And I’m hooked! And glowing like a lil newborn baby! But less gross! So I’m gonna tell you all about it!

I tried MourMour’s Lavender and Grapeseed Body Oil along with their Rosemary and Apricot Scalp Oil.

I used the Body Oil on my legs, my feet, and my tattoos in particular. Yes, my tattoos! If you want to maintain your ink, you need to take care of the skin it’s in. I love using oils to care for my tattoos, and MourMour’s Lavender and Grapeseed combo is my new fave.

I experimented with a few different ways to use this product. First, I tried using it immediately after a shower, on its own, applying directly to wet skin. See, oil doesn’t moisturise, as a general rule. But it does seal moisture.

When you get wet, that adds moisture to your skin. But when said moisture evaporates, it dries you out. If you apply an oil on top, however, to lock in that moisture, you have a chance of retaining it. Kinda like with your hair, you know?

So I used MourMour’s Body Oil to seal in the moisture after my shower. Did it work? Well… yeah! It had the same effect as using a light moisturiser after bathing. If it were July right now, I’d be living!

But it’s not July. It is deepest, darkest winter, Game of Thrones style. 


Soooo I decided I needed to level up. I first applied a light moisturiser to my wet skin (namely E45, which used to be heavyyyy but is now some watery nonsense). And THEN I added the Body Oil on top.

And oh, Lord. That was it.

You know when you’re in a country that actually has real sunlight, and your skin is like YEESSS FEED ME and you’re all glowy and pretty and healthy and whatnot?

That’s the effect I got by using MourMour’s Lavender and Grapeseed Body Oil. Except instead of smelling like sweat, it makes you smell like a fancy cupcake. So. I’m a fan. Summer skin every winter? Yes, please!

Except for the fact that I will never recreate this perfect tan

But your body isn’t the only thing that suffers in the colder months. I’m starting to think that the scalp might be the most delicate part of the body, cuz SIS. My scalp has been causing trouble lately.

I mean, it’s kind of my fault. I was born with a patch of eczema on my scalp, but because my hair is so thick, I’ve never really seen or felt it. I forgot allll about it, in fact.

And then I shaved my head.

And THEN I bleached my hair. Twice.

Then I dyed it purple. Then blue. Then pink. Then purple.

Stop looking at me like that.

short hair
It was so pretty, I will not be blamed

My scalp cussed me. For real. She wasn’t having the mistreatment. So I’ve stopped colouring my hair and I’m letting it grow a little! But in the meantime, Ms. Scalp is being awkward about this dry-ass winter weather.

So MourMour’s Rosemary and Apricot Scalp Oil has become my scalp’s secret weapon.

After three uses–yes, seriously, THREE–my eczema was gone. Dormant again. Chilling tf out. I had applied all kinds of creams to no avail, and all they did was make my hair gross. But this scalp oil sorted things out immediately, and also didn’t get white sticky gunk in my hair.

In fact, my hair really likes this oil. Especially the coils at the back that are always dry as hell no matter what I do. Oh, and it helps that MourMour’s Scalp Oil has a handy lil pointy nozzle for precise application.


It’s always so satisfying when a black-owned, woman-owned, British-owned, indie company is also just… the absolute best. Because that way, you can spend all your money there and not even feel guilty about it! You’re supporting small business and boosting the economy! So fill that basket boo! Yaaaaay what is self-control

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 13.28.44
I’m just saying. It all looks this yummy.

I hope this post has helped you guys. Because the party season is here, your legs are about to be outa door, and there isn’t an outfit on earth that’s complemented by ashy knees.

Flourish, my friends. Light up the night. Or something.

See you next time!

Tiss x


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