Bouji and Body Posi: From the Heart Organics

Bouji and Body Posi


Yeah, I’m still alive. I know it’s been a while. Basically, I graduated, and I have a job, and that job is writing, so by the time I sit down to blog my hands are like…

More writing? For real? R u serious? This is murder we are calling the police.

Whiny bitches.

ANYWAYS, I’m here regardless to tell you guys about my lil bouji, body positive diet. You’re probably like Hey Tiss not to be rude but what the fuck does that mean?? Well, first of all, it’s not a “”””diet”””” like you find in shitty magazines. When I say diet I literally just mean the stuff you put in your mouth. I’m not here to talk about losing weight or nothing. BECAUSE I DON’T THINK THAT’S BODY POSITIVE.

I am here to tell you guys about a load of organic superfood supplements I use to improve my immune system, hair, nails, and general health. I warned you that it was bouji, did I not? I did. So it’s too late for you to complain.

From the Heart Organics is an indie wellness company owned by a young black woman. They sell powdered blends and essences full of raw, organic superfoods designed to nourish a wholesome diet and healthy lifestyle. If you’re thinking that you don’t have a wholesome diet and healthy lifestyle, don’t worry; neither do I. I used ’em anyway!

As a chronically ill person whose body is generally falling apart, I’ve had people try to sell me all kinds of ‘organic supplements’ (weed. I’m talking about weed.) and ‘superfood blends’. I’m pretty wary when it comes to this stuff.

But when the owner reached out to me in November 2017 (more on that timing later!) she mentioned her own history of chronic illness, and how it inspired her to craft homeopathic remedies to complement her medical prescriptions. That was the birth of From the Heart Organics, and it seemed genuine enough to make me consider giving the company a try.

Now, like I said, this all began in November ’17. I have a lot of firm thoughts about health remedies that aren’t prescription drugs, most of which can be summed up with the words ‘placebo’ and ‘effect’.

No shade. But shade.

So I was determined not to review these products until I’d used them for a decent amount of time. I’m writing this after seven months straight of using the products FtHO sent me, and you know what? I can officially say that this stuff does the damn thing. Quote me! QUOTE ME!

I have, amongst other things, a compromised immune system and high levels of inflammation throughout my body. In layman’s terms, this means that I am always bitching and whining about aches, pains, and migraines. And occasionally, life-threatening illnesses. Whichever.

So I was happy to learn that FtHO offers consultations to help customers choose which blend is right for their problems.  After speaking with the owner I was sent …




“An anti-oxidant rich, plant-sourced, protein and detox blend.”

This one is green, which makes me feel like I’m eating a vegetable without the trauma of actually eating a vegetable.




“An anti-oxidant rich, free-radical absorber.”






“For relief from high blood pressure and high cholesterol, as well as digestive, immune system, and inflammatory complaints.”

I use this one too much because it looks so pretty. So pink. Ugh, yes.




 “Nature’s caffeine alternative, perfect for those suffering from stress-related ailments.”

This is my favourite one, based purely on taste. It’s spicy. For some reason, spicy stuff just tastes healthy.


The products come with a full ingredients list, plus instructions on how to add the supplements to various recipes (which you can find on their website too btw).

You can stir the blends and essences into drinks, use them to make smoothies, hot chocolate, and even stuff like pancakes! (Which is pretty much all I used the Absolute Cacao blend for. Don’t judge me.)

It’s so satisfying to add something to my diet for health, instead of taking something away. We’re always told that restriction is inherently healthy, but that’s not true at all.

Plus, it’s bred this pervasive idea that denying yourself is morally and physically ‘good’, which is how people get eating disorders. You might think that sounds oversimplified, but it’s absolutely not. Trust me. Trust. Me.

Now, my body is a delicate and crumbly muffin, tasty but breakable. I have learned over the years that I can’t fight it and I can’t resent it; I have to look after it. I have to care for my body and treat it gently. That’s my body positivity. So when it comes to my diet, aka the things I put inside me (get your mind out of the gutter, children, I’m talking about cinnamon bagels) I hate restricting.

But adding multicolored powders and essences to my food? That’s like… a fun little self-care session every day. Even before I noticed positive effects on the rest of my body, From the Heart Organics was doing wonders for my brain. And your brain is a part of your body, remember. Arguably the most important part. When thinking about health, never undervalue your mental state.

It took me about two months to notice changes in my physical health. One stand-out is the Rose Hibiscus Essence. I am lactose intolerant; however, like most of my lactose-challenged brethren, I merrily poison myself with ice cream and cheese crackers anyway. I know. It’s ridiculous. But I like to think of it as an extreme sport.

Since I started putting the Rose Hibiscus Essence in my tea every morning, I’ve noticed that my digestive system handles my poor decisions much better. My belly is not constantly, resentfully rumbling anymore. It takes the poison like a man. Like General Li Shang! If Shang was a lactose intolerant gut instead of the hottest Disney hero ever (fight me).

But my greatest find has definitely been the Golden Blend. That stuff doesn’t just taste incredible; it solves one of my biggest daily problems. See, I suffer from chronic fatigue, aka “why is that lazy bitch always in bed smh she swear it’s medical well I don’t buy it” syndrome. So I am always exhausted.

Actually, that’s not true! Sometimes on Sundays I get to sleep for 18 hours. When I wake up after that, I feel pretty decent. But I got bills to pay, so that 18 hour ting can’t run. I’ve been taking supplements for years to help me stay awake and alert, but none of them have ever worked like From the Heart Organics’s Golden Blend.


They got my heart, that’s for sure.

I will never take anything else. I mix it into a cup of fruit tea every day, and it’s like taking six Beroccas and a few Lucozade tablets. Only, unlike all that stuff, it’s full of healthy ingredients like turmeric and saffron and ginger. I stan.

Now, you probably don’t have chronic fatigue (I really hope you don’t, cuz it’s a bitch) but if you’re brown-skinned in Britain, you’re probably vitamin D deficient.

Not that kind of vitamin D. What is with you today?

And vitamin D deficiency leads to… tiredness and stuff. So honestly, if I could only recommend a single thing from FtHO, it would be the Golden Blend. I am converted, it is a religious experience for me, and I want to bring you all into the light.

I actually got a discount code for you guys to use, if you want to try it – and I don’t make a DAMNED THING from this code, either. I just want you to save money and gain energy. Because I love you.

I know. I have the heart of an angel.

The discount code is TISS. Use it at checkout to get 15% off the Golden Blend, OG Blend and Absolute Cacao. You’re welcome.

Oh, but you’re probably wondering if you should bother with the OG Blend and Absolute Cacao. Well, as far as I can tell, the Absolute Cacao blend doesn’t do anything noticeable for me. I still use it all the time though, because it’s like a healthier version of cocoa powder and it works in tons of recipes. I will get my antioxidants by hook or by crook, bitch!

As for the OG Blend… This is going to sound highly questionable, but I think it’s making my nails stronger and my hair grow faster. My nail tech (who’s been doing my nails for years now) has been commenting over the last four months or so on how much stronger and healthier my nails are, and how much faster they grow.

And my hair? Well, I shaved it off in early 2017 and started growing it out in August 2017. Growth was s l o w as ever, until a few months after I started using FtHO, at which point it suddenly got ANNOYINGLY FAST. Annoyingly because every time I figured out a new hairstyle, my hair grew into the next TWA stage and the style didn’t work anymore.

I can’t say for sure that those things are because of the OG blend, because I don’t know for sure. I’m just basing it off of 1. The results I’ve had from the Golden Blend and Rose Hibiscus Essence and 2. My mum’s lifelong insistence that my hair and nails would be stronger if I ate some green stuff once in a while. Ha! Turns out all I had to do was down some green powder instead. Take that, Mother. (She said, lovingly and respectfully. Please don’t beat my ass.)

Sooo, to sum up an extremely long and enthusiastic review: I kind of love From the Heart Organics. Their products make me feel bouji and body posi. Plus, they actually work. Always a bonus, eh?

Until next time (which may or may not be in six months (LOL JK (or am I?))),

Tiss x


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