About Me

Ahoy, my lil beanios!

I’m Tiss; Afro Warrior Princess, beauty addict, and oversharer. I love experimenting with my hair, using my face as a canvas, and chatting bubbles on the Internet. Put all of that together and what have you got? Why, this wonderful blog, of course. You lucky, lucky thing.

This site is home to product reviews, beauty tips, natural hair advice, and of course, the Tea Party–aka the section where I (and hopefully a few lovely contributors, in the future) tear the world apart, piece by piece. With added glitter, naturally.

I also post makeup and hair tutorials on my YouTube channel. Plus, I post all of my makeup looks on Instagram (@naturallytiss)! So check them out if you want to see what I get up to.

And if you’re a student (i.e. poor and disorganised) and/or disabled, and/or a spoonie, like me, then DON’T WORRY! Most of what I do is low-cost, low-effort, easy and convenient. I gotchu.

Check out my ‘Holy Grail or Tragic Fail?’ reviews in which I compare hair and beauty products so you don’t have to, letting you know which is a holy grail and which is–sigh–a tragic fail.

If you’re thinking about going natural, transitioning, have recently big chopped, or just aren’t sure what to do with your hair, take a look at ‘The Newly Natural Diaries’ for beginners’ tips, tricks, and information.

And keep an eye out for my skincare posts, hair tutorials, makeup tips and swatches!

Have fun reading,

Tiss x

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