How I Revive My Winter Skin

Heeeeey lil beans It's winter, it's cold, life sucks, etcetera.  Living in rainy old England when you have been blessed with melanin is a STRUGGLE. You think I'm exaggerating, but I am prescribed vitamin D tablets by my doctor because THE SUN DOES NOT TOUCH THIS COUNTRY. So. Clearly, it's a problem. In the summer, … Continue reading How I Revive My Winter Skin

Kinky Curly WIGS? Halfiopian Hair Review!

Video media is taking over pretty much everything on the Internet right now, so it’s highly unlikely that, if you’re reading this, you’re not also subscribed to my YouTube channel. Hoowwwwever, people are unique creatures and wonders never cease, so perhaps you’re not! In which case, you may have no idea that I cut off … Continue reading Kinky Curly WIGS? Halfiopian Hair Review!

Tiaz Boutique: Black-Owned Lingerie

As you probably realised, thanks to the constant memes, increase in Twitter nonsense from demons--ahem, I mean men, and desperate restaurant advertising, it's almost Valentine’s Day! And on Valentine’s Day, the rule is that SOMEONE needs to pamper you—whether that's a bae, or just you engaging in a little self-care. You might drop links in someone's  inbox, or spluge on glamorous … Continue reading Tiaz Boutique: Black-Owned Lingerie