Tiaz Boutique: Black-Owned Lingerie

As you probably realised, thanks to the constant memes, increase in Twitter nonsense from demons--ahem, I mean men, and desperate restaurant advertising, it's almost Valentine’s Day! And on Valentine’s Day, the rule is that SOMEONE needs to pamper you—whether that's a bae, or just you engaging in a little self-care. You might drop links in someone's  inbox, or spluge on glamorous … Continue reading Tiaz Boutique: Black-Owned Lingerie

Korrine Sky Intimates: My Experience

Considering how into hair and beauty I am, most people are surprised to learn that I am an atrocious, and apathetic, dresser.  I like to blame my disability for this—I can’t do buttons, I need slip on shoes, clothes have to be baggy enough to fit my wrist and knee supports—but the fact is that … Continue reading Korrine Sky Intimates: My Experience