Natural Haircare: The Basics

Welcome to the latest instalment of The Newly Natural Diaries! Except... you don't have to be newly natural for this. Plenty of us are natural for years without actually knowing what's going on! So you have this hair. It's supposedly the same hair you see gracing the head of Lupita Nyongo, or Amandla Steignberg, or Maria … Continue reading Natural Haircare: The Basics

TNND: Hair Typing

What is your natural hair type? What is your hair's density, thickness, porosity and curl pattern? Find out here! 'Natural hair' is generally used to describe the unaltered hair texture and type of individuals with African heritage. But, as you know, Africa is a big-ass continent with a ton of different indigenous ethnicities running around it. … Continue reading TNND: Hair Typing

TNND: How To Go Natural Part Two

You've made the decision: you're going natural. You've prepared yourself mentally, detoxed yourself of European beauty standards, and told your grandma/mother/friend/significant other that you don't care about their doom-laden predictions. YOU. ARE. READY. Sooooo... Now what? Well, you don't have to do much to have natural hair. It grows out of your head just right. … Continue reading TNND: How To Go Natural Part Two

The Newly Natural Diaries: How to Go Natural Part One

So you've reached The Point--that is, you've seen a few natural haired beauties out and about, or your best friend has gone natural, or you came across some throwback pictures and realised just how limp and lank your hair is now... And your internal voice keeps whispering "Why not try it?" Your internal voice makes a … Continue reading The Newly Natural Diaries: How to Go Natural Part One